UltraGrime LIFE Anti-Bac XXL+ Clothwipes 80 Pack

Household Consumables

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Keep germ free with these XXL+ Clothwipes  that will fight and kill 99.99% of bacteria. Use these on your tools,  in your vehicle, at work or home and on any surface that you need germ and dirt free. Due to the massive size and special absorbent capacity these wipes can move the toughest of grime and one wipe goes a lot further than you think…


The beauty is in the cloth-like fabric that won’t rip or deteriorate during use. Plus, these wipes stay wetter and usable for longer than any other wipe, so you can go from one mess to the next with ease. Forget about costly cleansing solutions and wimpy paper towels and go for the wipes made to do it all.


80 XXL+ Clothwipes – 38cm x 25cm. Double the Size of Common Wipes

Dual action cleaner and sanitiser, with a Citrus Home Fresh scent

Antibacterial – kills 99.99% of bacteria

Sanitising efficacy exceeds EN1276

Stays wet and usable for over 60 minutes – most dry out in 5-10 minutes

Don’t dry out when lid is left open for days – try it for a week!

Flexible, recyclable packaging for less waste

Hand safe & safe to use on all surfaces-kind to hands and surfaces

Dispenses one wipe at a time

Eliminates cross-contamination

Large absorbency capacity