Most of our life is focused around our meals and eating - after all it is an essential part of living! So let's enjoy it, cater for it and give ourselves and our guests the design, quality and style we deserve! Top tableware products from top crafters such as Queens, Laguiole, and Ladelle

Laguiole cutlery from France has many and varied presentations and quality. We sell the original and authentic Jean Dubost and Jean Neron. These are dishwasher safe (when used with liquid detergent) and have guarantees. Don't settle for a lesser quality - these are heirlooms in the making and will last for generations. Your table (and your food!) deserves the precision and presentation of the best. 

Jean Dubost cutlery sets and pieces are made by professional cutlers since 1920, in a small town near Theirs. 
Each piece undergoes over 25 manual production stages, and is stamped, ground and hand polished. Quality cutlery from Dubost, sets an elegance and finesse at your table. The blades of the steak knives are 1.2 mm stainless steel and the handles come in a variety of colours and finishes. These Laguiole handes are amde from extremely durable, high impact yet light weight ABS acrylic. In 2010 Jean Dubost cutlery was rewarded EPV label for Excellence of French savoir-faire. In 2019, the cutler was awarded the French Fab Label. 

Jean Neron Laguiole is crafted in France by a family business that has inherited their cutler traditons for over three generations. All cutlery pieces are made using high quality stainless steel and feature the classic Laguiole handle for perfect balance.