Fabulous Homewares

Something for everyone in this huge range of fragrances and homewares. Freshen your home, soften your living area and brighten your lounge. Beautiful candles, diffusers and fragrance lamps, to soften the atmosphere of your living area and bedrooms. 

Ashleigh and Burwood of London catalytic lamps and oils are such an effective way of removing odours from your home. Replacement wicks available.

Room sprays from Michel Design Works from USA, Castelbel from Portugal, and Royal Doulton change the ambience of your home in an instant! Michel Design Works is a comprehensive Gift, Home and Lifestyle brand. We bring you beautiful, high quality items for every room in your home. Oh - don't forget Peppermint Grove candles and room reed diffusers

Clean your house with Ladelle All Natural cleaning products and for a designer touch, use Michel Design Works Clean Home and Kitchen dish soaps, surface cleaner and multi purpose wipes! 

Choices of scents and fragrances with florals, fresh ocean, citrus, pine and many more! The look? go for the Natural, the Classic, the Showy, the Traditional, the Pretty - we have something for every taste and style.