How should I identify Genuine Laguiole Cutlery?

How should I identify Genuine Laguiole Cutlery?

Posted by Aston James Team on 25th Jan 2021

Genuine French Laguiole cutlery is a tradition which has been celebrated with dining throughout the world. They all have something in common - elegant coloured handles, polished stainless steel and also the bee symbol.

It is easy to think without questioning that the pieces are made in France. However, this is no not so! During recent years, imitations from Asian manufacturers have entered the market. They are almost replicating the famous French style.  Admittedly, they do look French to those who don't know, and the packaging and brand names are designed to look French.

Here is How to Identify Genuine Laguiole Cutlery Made in France.

  1. Genuine Laguiole cutlery is Made in France. A genuine Laguiole cutlery item has the words Made in France or France etched into the products, usually on the knife blade, not the spoon or fork.
  2. Genuine French products willl have a country of origin marked on their authenticity certificate and/or box — example – Made in France or Made in Theirs etc.
  3. It is important to note if the product does not have any country of origin then you should ask first before making your purchase.
  4. Look in the packaging on an individual Knife to see if France is on the blade.
  5. Some retailers will even tell you it is French even though it is not. Check yourself as advised above or ask them to show you the Authenticity Certificate. If the Certificate does not say Made in France then it is not made in France.