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Here is how to identify the perfect fragrance choice for your home:

Posted by Aston James Team on

Brains help determine your reaction to a scent.

You might assume that your nose dominates all the smelling, but it`s your brain that determines how you respond to a fragrance.

The part of your brain that’s responsible for your sense of smell (the limbic region) is also where you process emotions.

Aromatherapy(the art and science of smell), works by first stimulating smell receptors in the nose. These receptors send messages via the nervous system to the brain, which end up stimulating not just scent memory, but also emotional memory.

So for the bedroom, pick a scent to make you feel cosy and relaxed like vanilla, vetiver or fruity scents as they are distinctive yet subtle 

In the bathroom, you'll want to hide any bad odours, and include an invigorating and refreshing touch to the room - so a citrusy scent or one with fresh clean notes like Beach, Ocean or Fresh Linen.

If your lounge and living area is the place out spend the most downtime in, you'll want something chirpy and cheerful. It really depends on your decor. If your setup is minimalist, then opt for woody scents and if you have traditional decor then opt for floral fragrances.

For the kitchen, light smells that won't overpower the food aromas is best, so picking subtle aqua or spicy fragrances is key.

Overall, listen to what your brain tells you and what makes you feel best in your own environment.

The right fragrance can set the mood in your home

Scent is one of the most important senses-an odour of perfume can remind you of a special memory, or a loved one and the same applies to room fragrance.Whether your intention is to make your room appear cozy and intimate, or bigger and brighter, having a unique whiff for every room enables you to provide [...]

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Change a room from doom to gloom!

Room sprays have beautiful features such as providing instant, safe and effective fragrance. Like a sudden burst of sunshine through rain, a single squirt of a spray, can change a room from doom to gloom so fast!There are creative ways to use home fragrance mists...  We found these on like to spray my pillows during the [...]

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Queens Mugs by Churchill

Queens China can be traced in history back to 1795, in the heart of the world famous Potteries, Stoke-on-Trent and remains one of England's (and the rest of the worlds!) best loved and trusted brands of china.The designs are timeless and all have a story. The Hidden World collection showcases treasures from the most beautiful and culturally [...]

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Welcome to Spring!

And along with Spring comes new designs from Michel Design Works. For the southern hemisphere, its a little different as MDW comes from America where they are welcoming the Fall! None the less - we love the ranges every time! The Spruce Range evokes such a clean crisp scent right ready for Spring Clean! and let Sunflower [...]

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Make your own Reusable Mask!

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Castelbel from Portugal

Inspired by the idyllic landscape of the Douro valley, Castelbel Ambiente is a range of romantic and countryside inspiration that capture the aromas, colours and ambience of Portugal.Combining traditional methods of production with the highest quality raw materials, these products capture the aromas, colours and ambience of a simultaneously traditional and trendy country, where the [...]

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NEW! Fragrance Lamps from Ashleigh and Burwood London

Fabulous Fragrance Lamps from Ashleigh and Burwood London that really do help to cleanse and purify the air!  A great range of beautiful Lamps that you fill with your choice of beautiful fragrance oil.  See the full range here! See how it works below.   Check out how a Fragrance Lamp will allow you to delight in and recall with [...]

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What's the next Michel Design Works Collection?

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What do you serve Chardonnay with?

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