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St Anne's Barrels

St Anne's Wine Barrels - 5, 10 or 20 Litre

Premium hand crafted wine barrels by a Cooper, ready for immediate use. The St Anne's Barrels are top class!

Each handcrafted barrel is filled with a young tawny port for 1 year to condition the timber and soak with flavour.

Once you select your favourite Tawny or Muscat, the young port is tipped out and filled with your choice - right ready to deliver to your door. Same price regardless of which age or variety of wine you choose!

The St Anne's Cooperage produces hand-made barrels for port enthusiasts and non-commercial winemakers. Barrels are produced from both French and American oak and are made under a strict regime of quality i.e., no glue, no nails and no wax.

  • St Anne’s barrels are made from quality French Oak.
  • All St Anne’s barrels include a brass tap, turned bung, and stand.
  • St Anne’s barrels are cured in store for 12 months & are ready to enjoy

P.S. for your interest:  coop·er noun a person who makes or repairs casks, barrels.