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Laguiole En Aubrac

Laguiole En Aubrac

Every true authentic Laguiole Piece is exclusive – each being individually crafted by hand.

There are  109 separate production steps for a one-piece knife, 166 for a two-piece set, and 216 for a three piece set. 

From exceptional raw materials in the craftsman’s hands, there is a lengthy process that sets true craftmanship apart from mass production. This guarantees the unique qualities of each piece – truly a work of art!

How to recognize and choose a true Laguiole handcrafted in its historical area?

There are several manufacturers based mainly on two production sites: in the original Laguiole area, cradle of the first knives, and in Thiers, capital of French cutlery. In each zone, there are different types of manufacture:

  • Industrial, with mechanical adjustment and engraving and an assembly line.
  • Traditional, because all the steps of assembly and adjustment are carried out by one and the same artisan: hand decoration of forged springs and fixing by sight (thus, each piece that goes through the hands of the craftsman is unique).

To make sure of the authenticity of a Laguiole, check the exact provenance, the length of the guarantee, the quality of the materials and of the finishing touches. There are many low quality imported products that sell with a "Laguiole Véritable (True Laguiole)" stamp  

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