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Lanolin Beauty

What is Lanolin, where does it come from and why do so many people love it?

Lanolin is a valuable oily discharge from the sheep’s skin that is embedded in its wool, protecting it from the harshness of the Australian environment while maintaining the skin in a nourished and moist state. Every time a sheep is shorn, this pure Lanolin oil is removed and refined, ready to use, so we can in turn keep our skin healthy!

Lanolin is an oil direct from nature and is amazingly like the natural oils secreted from human skin.  It can absorb an impressive 200% of its weight in water, which is perfect for skin hydration, and meanwhile providing a barrier that stops further moisture loss.

Lanolin was never ‘invented’ and has never been improved because it doesn’t need to be! The fact is that mother nature has provided us with the ultimate natural soothing ingredient loved by our skin for its moisturising and protective properties.  

All these Lanolin products are animal cruelty-free and is the only human compatible animal oil obtained without having to kill the creature.

In today’s world, we live life at a hectic pace. Our skin is subjected to many environmental hazards each day with pollution, wind, air conditioning and burning sun.   

Lanolin provides the natural rehydration and protection for our skin needs to repaid any damage.